Come late spring, the lone star state’s heat can get dangerously hot but that doesn’t stop avid golfers from hitting the green. Prevention and a few simple measures can go a long way in keeping you cool while golfing in Frisco, TX hot spring-summer season.

5 tips to stay cool golfing in the hot season

Check out our top tips on how to stay cool under the Texas sun, from The Links on PGA Parkway.

Amplify Hydration With Electrolytes

Take hydration to the next level with electrolytes. Whether you prefer Gatorade or sugar-free options, increasing your intake throughout your round is key to replacing your increased rate of sweat. Being out on the course for hours at a time can be especially taxing, so you’ll also be helping to prevent heat cramps, fatigue and all that other not-so fun stuff. Make sure you bring along sodium, potassium, and chloride and that you’re drinking a water every hole or two out there.

Snack Often

You may not be starving in the heat, but consistently snacking to maintain stable blood sugar is very helpful in heeding the negative effects of lack of food and drinks. In other words, always be snacking, and don’t wait until you’re hungry or thirsty. Bring along trail mix, dried jerky, your favorite protein/carbohydrate flavor and stay satiated. Experts recommend eating around every two to three holes.

Save Your Energy For The Green

It sounds obvious, but try not to overexert yourself before the round. Maybe skip the HIIT workout or jog outside if you’re planning to be in the heat all day. A little rest goes a long way in feeling able-bodied and ready to play.

Keep It Cool In The Shade

Again, another seemingly obvious tip but unconsciously standing directly under the sun can add up when you’re playing for hours at a time. Park the cart/car under the shade and hang out where it’s cool as much as you can.

Choose The Right Golf Materials

Moisture-wicking materials help keep sweat at bay and evaporates into the fibers so you’re not soaking wet at the end of the round. Stay away from cotton, as it does not function this way and you won’t be feeling as breezy and cool. The same goes with a moisture-wicking hat.

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Image by Martina Birnbaum at Shutterstock.