Let’s be honest, the table (and the food) is always the focal point for thanksgiving. Make this year’s dinner extra special with these easy and elegant thanksgiving table decoration ideas to dress up any apartment party. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a traditional table; these tips work as well to decorate kitchen islands or any other table-type surface!

Ideas to Decorate a Thanksgiving Dinner Table

First, you must decide the aesthetic you want to achieve. Having down the general theme you’re going for will guide you in the decision-making of your decoration process. You can choose a rustic vibe with a traditional farmhouse style, or classically elegant, or even kitsch and colorful.

If you want a traditional fall look, natural elements and textures will be your friends in getting that cozy feeling. Give your dinner a homey vibe by skipping the typical linens and using just a burlap table runner. Instead of fancy serving plates, you can use wooden boards to present some dishes. This will give your thanksgiving home decor some rustic touches that harken back to the origins of this holiday.

Yearning for some color and fun? You can play with mismatched patterns on your table runner, napkins, and plates, to give your table a fun and relaxed look. If you do this, just remember to use complementary colors to keep the visual harmony.

You can find expensive already-made ornaments or go the DIY route. Just paint a variety of small pumpkins in the hues of your choice. For a classically elegant look choose neutral white or even metallic accents, like gold, silver, copper, or brass. An extra tip: If you want to be able to reuse your creations next year, remember to use fake pumpkins.

The Secret for the Perfect Thanksgiving

At the end of the day, your table or kitchen island will be covered with food during dinner so don’t worry about stuffing it with decorations. Keep it simple and let the delicious dishes take the spotlight. Of course, that is easier if your home’s interiors are already thought out and beautifully designed. That is hardly the norm when it comes to rental apartments, but The Links on PGA Parkway luxury apartments in Frisco offer beautiful residences to match your lifestyle and taste. Book a tour so you can visit your new home, we’ll be happy to meet you!